Top 3 Safety Tips for Spring Breakers in FL

Between March and April, Spring Break means that many people flock to the southern shores of Florida for some need fun in the sun. Travel Resort Services is here for your Gulf Coast condo needs, as we offer multiple locations that will make your spring retreat worthwhile. No matter if you choose Madeira BeachSt. Pete Beach, or the Fort Lauderdale area, you’re sure to have a blast on your spring break vacation. We’ve compiled a list of safety tips to ensure your travel to Florida is a smooth one.

Beach Accessories

Picking out the perfect beach accessories is a must! Among the items you’ll want to bring, sunscreen and aloe vera are high on this list. No matter where you’re traveling from, it’s important to protect your skin from the harsh UVA and UVB rays. If you’re certain that you want to come back home with a tan, choose a tanning oil that has SPF in it rather than one that doesn’t. Always remember to reapply your sunscreen especially if you’re spending time in the water. If you do end up getting burnt, Aloe Vera can help cool down the affected area. Plus, forget your designer sunglasses at home and opt for a cheaper version. Cheaper sunglasses means that you won’t break the bank or have to worry about leaving them behind on your trip.

Buddy System

Whether you’ve been to Florida hundreds of times or it’s your very first time here, you’ll want to make sure you travel with a buddy. If by chance you do get separated from your group, set up a destination spot that is in a populated area where you can meet up again. A good meeting spot is your gulf coast condo or a local restaurant. This system goes back to elementary days, it’s never a good idea to travel alone. Even if you choose to go to Florida by yourself – let someone know your location, where you plan on staying and going, and information to reach you at.

Learn about the Location

Research about where you’re staying before you arrive. Knowing the location you’re visiting can be helpful to planning your vacation getaway. Check out reviews of local restaurants and favorite dishes, learn about the avenues and streets, or what you’ll want to do during the day. There is so much to do along the coast we’re sure you’ll find something entertaining. Plus, it’s a great way to get familiar with an area, even if you’ve never been there before!

No matter what you choose to do while on spring break, the Sunshine State have everything you could ever need to sit back and relax. When you stay with Travel Resort Services we will make sure your vacation goes smoothly, contact our travel specialists at (800)-237-6586 to learn more about our traveler’s insurance. Learn about our safety tips and more this season then start packing for a wonderful, beachside getaway. Bring the whole family, your loved one, or a couple friends and experience what the Gulf Coast is all about.

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