Here Are A Few Of The Tastiest Seafood Places In Indian Rocks Beach

Indian Rocks Beach, a picturesque coastal town on Florida’s Gulf Coast, is a seafood lover’s paradise. With its pristine beaches and a plethora of fresh seafood options, it’s no wonder that Indian Rocks Beach’s seafood attracts food enthusiasts from far and wide. 

In this blog post, we’ll take you through some of the best seafood in Indian Rocks Beach. 

Crabby Bill’s

Crabby Bill’s, a beloved seafood restaurant in Indian Rocks Beach, has been serving fresh Gulf Coast seafood since 1983. The restaurant’s lively, nautical-themed atmosphere complements the beach, and the friendly staff ensures a memorable dining experience. The restaurant offers a variety of seafood dishes, including crab legs, grilled shrimp, and signature seafood pasta. The outdoor seating area offers a perfect spot to enjoy the Florida sun and beautiful views of Indian Rocks Beach. Crabby Bill’s also has a fresh seafood market where customers can purchase their favorite catches to prepare their own culinary creations. 


Keegan’s Seafood Grille is a popular local restaurant in Indian Rocks Beach, known for its warm, inviting ambiance and rustic decor. The menu offers a variety of seafood, including blackened grouper, scallops, and clam chowder, all made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. The clam chowder is considered one of the best on the Gulf Coast. Keegan’s also offers land-based dishes like steak and chicken, prepared with care and attention to detail. The outdoor seating area offers a picturesque view of the perfect Florida weather. Keegan’s Seafood Grille is a local institution that embodies the spirit of Indian Rocks Beach, offering a delightful dining experience.


Guppy’s Restaurant in Indian Rocks Beach offers a refined and upscale seafood-centric dining experience. Located in a picturesque waterfront setting, the restaurant offers a menu filled with innovative creations that showcase the best of the ocean’s bounty. The culinary team at Guppy’s takes pride in sourcing fresh ingredients and crafting them into visually appealing and delectable dishes. 

The diverse selection of seafood dishes and land-based options cater to both seafood enthusiasts and those who prefer land-based dining. The expansive windows provide stunning views of the waterfront. Guppy’s Restaurant offers signature seafood dishes and carefully selected wine and cocktail options, blending the flavors of the sea with an exquisite waterfront atmosphere. 

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Jimmy Guana’s

Jimmy Guana’s is a laid-back dining experience in Indian Rocks Beach, offering a tropical twist with fresh seafood, delectable cocktails, and live entertainment. The restaurant’s ambiance is relaxed and welcoming, reflecting the coastal lifestyle. The diverse menu features inventive and flavorful seafood dishes like crispy coconut shrimp and mahi-mahi tacos. 

Live entertainment from local musicians creates a festive atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for a fun evening out. The outdoor seating area provides a perfect spot to enjoy a meal while basking in the Florida sun.

JD’s Restaurant

JD’s Restaurant, located in Indian Rocks Beach, is a family-owned and operated establishment that offers a laid-back atmosphere and a perfect balance between classic seafood dishes and unique creations. The restaurant’s warm and friendly atmosphere is perfect for both casual dinners and special occasions. JD’s offers a wide variety of seafood, including fresh catches like flaky grouper and shrimp, tender steaks, and flavorful chicken dishes. 

The restaurant is not just a place to eat but a testament to the essence of Indian Rocks Beach. Whether you’re looking for classic seafood or something more unique, JD’s provides a satisfying experience in a warm and welcoming setting.

Beach Waves Grill

Beach Waves Grill in Indian Rocks Beach offers a diverse dining experience that caters to a wide range of tastes. The menu includes a delectable selection of fresh catches, including classic fried fish dishes and healthy seafood salads. The restaurant also offers a variety of sandwiches, salads, and more, making it a great option for groups and families. The restaurant’s interior creates a relaxed atmosphere, with attentive and friendly staff. 

The outdoor seating area provides a delightful setting to enjoy your meal while enjoying the sunny Florida weather. The combination of flavorful seafood and the laid-back atmosphere makes it a memorable dining experience. Beach Waves Grill is a reflection of Indian Rocks Beach, where diversity is celebrated, and the coastal lifestyle is at the heart of every meal. Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast or dining with a group of varying tastes, Beach Waves Grill offers an inclusive culinary experience.


Groupers on the Gulf is a waterfront restaurant in Indian Rocks Beach that specializes in serving locally sourced grouper fish in various preparations. The restaurant offers a unique dining experience with a picturesque backdrop of the Gulf of Mexico. 

The warm, welcoming ambiance and gentle sound of waves make it an inviting place to enjoy a meal. Groupers focus on delivering the freshest and most flavorful grouper dishes, whether fried to golden perfection, blackened to bring out spices, grilled to retain natural flavors, or served in a mouthwatering sandwich. 

The restaurant is more than just a restaurant; it celebrates the Gulf Coast’s culinary heritage, focusing on the local grouper and transforming the sea’s bounties into delectable dishes. For those seeking the Gulf’s finest catch in an unparalleled coastal setting, Groupers on the Gulf is the place to be.

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DJ’s Clam Shack

DJ’s Clam Shack is renowned for its lobster rolls — New England-style sandwiches filled with succulent lobster meat, dressed with mayo, and served on perfectly toasted rolls. The clam chowder, known for its creamy richness and hearty chunks of clams and potatoes, is a must-try dish. 

DJ’s offers a variety of seafood options, from shrimp baskets to fish tacos, to satisfy every seafood craving. DJ’s Clam Shack offers flavor and character, and the friendly and laid-back staff make the dining experience feel like a visit to a friend’s home. 

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