How to Stay Cool this Summer Season

It’s going to be a hot summer this year, and when you’re visiting us in Florida you’ll want to remain cool! We know that you’ll want to be outside this summer season and when you opt for a day under the sun you’ll want to have some protection. Our beach resort services with TRS are here to help you find the perfect accommodation for your family all while reminding you to stay cool this summer! Don’t fret about being toasty warm when you use these helpful tips to enjoy your vacation while avoiding the heat.

Summer Clothing

They say you should wear white once Memorial Day arrives, and that couldn’t be truer in the warmer areas like our beautiful Sunshine State! White or light colored clothing helps reflect sunlight off your body so you won’t be soaking up the heat more than you need too. Plus, fabrics like cotton and linen tend to wick moisture more than textiles with synthetic material.


One of the many things you’ll want to have with you if you’re spending the day outside is water! It sounds so trivial, but water is such a necessity in the summertime. Whether you’re out golfing, laying on the beach, or enjoying your time at the best rental our beach resort services will select, water is a must. Bring a reusable water bottle if you don’t want to have to purchase some while out and about. If you do plan on drinking, add water to the mix, every other drink. You will be able to stay hydrated while also being able to enjoy a drink or two!

Do Something FUN Indoors

Try to find an activity indoors one day out of the time you’ll be here in Florida. This will help you stay out of the sun. Whether it’s a day at your rental, an ice cream shop, or an arcade, your time indoors will help your skin avoid excessive sun exposure. Plus, many indoor locations offer air conditioning to help cool you down when it gets too hot outside.

As we’re heading into our warmer season, make sure you know how to stay cool this summer. Not only will Travel Resorts Services help you find the best rental for your family, but our beach resorts services include helpful tips and tricks to vacationing in Florida without overdoing it!

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