What to know about Hurricanes while Renting at a Gulf Coast Condo

Hurricane Matthew was a destructive and powerful Hurricane that grazed the Atlantic side of Florida, just a week ago. While many of our properties are on the Gulf side of Florida, we’re taking, this time, to inform all our guests renting at Gulf Coast condos. Hurricane season isn’t over just yet!

When renting along the Gulf Coast, you should always prepare for Hurricane season. Hurricane’s occur yearly in Florida and while many don’t turn out to be higher than Category 3, there are the few rare ones that appear. According to tropical scientists at Colorado State University, Matthew ended up being a category 5 Hurricane. Of which the Carribean hasn’t seen since 2007. Once in the direction of the Florida coastline, this hurricane decreased to a category 4.

While traveling to Florida has its’ perks, the weather is an important thing to keep an eye on from the months of June to the end of November. If you’re renting, check with the landlord or owner to make sure the house and/or condo are Hurricane ready. It’s also important to think about traveler’s insurance when traveling during this season. Did you know that TRS offers travel insurance on all its bookings outside of 30 days from arrival?

Hurricane Preparedness

Some hurricane preparedness items can include a first aid kit with medicine and any prescriptions are important. Make sure you have enough supplies to last 72 hours. Water, one gallon, per person for every day – if you’re with a family of four, that is 32, 16oz. bottles of water or 12 gallons of water. Food should also be enough for three days, per person. Whether it’s canned or dry goods, it’s helpful to stock up on items your family will actually eat. Local area maps, and flashlights with extra batteries. It can also be helpful to have a solar battery charger to charge reusable batteries and cellular devices.

Always have a safety plan in place when traveling. Fortunately, with hurricanes, there is typically advanced warning with days sometimes a week to prepare. Whether renting or you’re just traveling to Florida, make sure you’re prepared for any sort of weather event here on the Gulf Coast.

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