Get Ready for Your Fall Vacation in FL

Fall is here and now which means we get to say goodbye to summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a beautiful and sunny beach retreat. At Travel Resort Services the gulf coast’s leading beach resort services will get you situated in a comfy and cozy condo by the sea where you can spend your autumn days beachside, inland, or just enjoying the fresh fall ocean breeze. So, get ready for your fantastic southern fall vacation this season when you head to the sunshine state for a much-needed break.

A Florida Fall

While many believe that peak fall foliage occurs only in the Northeast and mountainous states, there is fall foliage here in Florida, too! The leaves might not be as colorful as they are hundreds of miles away but you can still get a taste of the fall foliage around the gulf. During this time, you’ll still get the warm afternoon heat, where the cooler nights begin in mid-October. These crisp evenings can help cool you down after a day in the sun.

Want to experience the fall foliage in Florida? We recommend taking a drive along the coast from Tampa to Lake City, which is about 2.5 hours. You can take I-75 all the way to Lake City while experiencing the colors of red, orange, and yellow along the interstate. As you head through the hillier region, you’ll get to see the foliage shine. On your route home, cross over to county road 50 and take 19 all the way back to the Clearwater area, not only will you get to experience the autumn leaves on this day trip, but you’ll also see the stunning shoreline of the Gulf!

You can truly experience fall and the harvest season when you head out on a southern vacation, all it takes is a little exploring! Whether you canoe or kayak in the mangroves, go for a day trip drive through the state to hunt fall foliage, or you’re enjoying the cooler weather on the beach, you trip south will be worthwhile. Use our fabulous beach resort services to help find your perfect beach-side resort or condo, then start planning your autumn getaway.

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