Why should you choose a Destination Wedding to FL?

Selecting a destination for nuptials can be challenging.  Mountain top, countryside, or located right on a sandy beach, we know that a beach setting for your ceremony is one you’ll eventually want to have. There is a particular setting of comfort and elegance that comes with beachside matrimony. The soft, warm sand beneath your toes, the calming waves splashing against the shore, and even the cotton-candy hues of a gulf coast sunset welcome you on your unforgettable wedding day. Travel Resort Services will help you every step of the way, from choosing your pristine beach location to guest services such as rooms and venue spaces, and bringing your dream to reality. When deciding where to have your big day, look no further than the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Why a Destination to the Gulf Coast of Florida?

That’s a question many people ask when they’re looking for what to do on their wedding day. A few reasons include saving money on your decor, you’ll have a unique experience, and it will automatically be an intimate event. Saving money is important when searching for your location as weddings can range from inexpensive to lavish. You’re also able to achieve what you’d like and how much you want to spend on a destination retreat like this. It will also be unique in the sense that not many people opt for a location outside of where they are currently, which brings us to the last point. Your celebration will be intimate because you’ll want to make sure a limited number of people can enjoy the events alongside your ceremony.

Idyllic Getaway

No matter if you’re looking for a nautical theme, wanting to use the tropical weather as your inspiration, or you’d like a softer color palette, Florida brings a sense of unspoiled beauty mixed with the best destination getaway. Florida is a top location for ceremonies and events because of its’ access to the coast. Steps away from venue space, the beach has a picture-perfect setting already included on your big day. Let the natural surroundings become the highlight of your day. No need to hunt down other locations to find the best shot of the day, it’s right there on the beach!

Finding your Venue

Travel Resort Services offers one of the Gulf Coast’s best venues at Madeira Bay Resort. Madeira Bay is right along the coast, so you won’t have to travel far for your picture-perfect beach wedding. Our resort offers more than just a venue location. If you’re a bride and groom, there are spa packages for two, which many enjoy relaxing before the events take place. If you’re a guest, there are plenty of other fantastic amenities and local attractions to keep everyone entertained.

Let the sand, sun, and sea help you realize your dream of wedded bliss. Whether you’re getting married soon, on the hunt for your venue, or you just got engaged and not sure what you should do next, Travel Resort Services has you covered when searching for the best wedding destination in Florida.

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