5 Must Haves for Madeira Beach

While spending time at your beachfront condo, you might want to kick off those shoes and dip your toes in the water. Head to the beach for a fun, summer day you won’t forget! Just remember to bring these 5 must haves for Madeira Beach.

1. Cooler

Whether it’s’ packed to the brim with juice boxes and water or adult beverages, you won’t go wrong bringing a cooler to the beach. You can even pack snacks or a whole meal if you’d like. Fresh fruit can be a healthy alternative to bags of chips and they are easy to pack in a cooler. Making sure to stay hydrated and having the energy to spend the day in the sun, is essential for any beach trip.  

2. Sunscreen

While it can be a pain to put on, sunscreen is incredibly important. It helps to reflect the sun’s ultraviolet radiation and thus protecting us from sunburn. So this is a must have for any beachgoer. While purchasing sunscreen, look for Broad Spectrum which will cover a range of UVA and UVB rays, SPF 30 or higher, and water resistant. No matter if you’re at Madeira Beach or somewhere else along the Gulf Coast, always make sure to bring sunscreen and reapply it throughout the day. You can even pack Aloe Vera gel or lotion as well; once sunburn has set in, Aloe Vera can help reduce the effects.

3. Toys

You can’t go to the beach without bringing something to keep yourself entertained. For the little ones, make sure to bring along items to make sandcastles such as buckets and shovels. Plus, don’t forget the floaties! For adults and older kids, beach balls, footballs, and frisbees are a great way to stay active in the sun.

4. Beach Bag, Blanket, and Towels

Don’t forget the beach blankets and towels. A beach blanket can be useful for a large family or group of friends where multiple people can use it at the same time. Individual towels are also helpful for removing sand and drying off. To pack everything up, make sure you bring a beach bag large enough to fit toys and towels in.

5. Sunglasses

When going to the beach a major must have is a pair of shades. Keeping your eyes protected from the harsh UV lighting makes this a must. You might even find that having an extra pair of sunglasses, in your beach bag, can come in handy!

As the days are getting hotter and we’re getting into the heart of summer, make sure to rock that swimsuit while at the beach and don’t forget these must haves for Madeira Beach!

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